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1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (USA)
17 x 30 minute episodes

In between Hey, Mulligan and One of the Boys, Mickey Rooney also had this unsuccessful sitcom.

Here he played Mickey Grady, a retired Coast Guard recruiter from Omaha, Nebraska, who inherited the Marina Palms Hotel at Newport in California from his late uncle.

Mickey moved to California with his wife, Nora (Emmaline Henry) and sons Timmy (Mickey’s real-life son, Tim Rooney) and Buddy (Brian Nash).

The Grady’s had their hands full trying to make a profit on the hotel, which came with a manager named Sammy Ling (Sammee Tong) who had a lifetime contract which couldn’t be broken.

Ling’s family was very much involved in the operation as well, and in fact, the mortgage for the hotel was held by the Ling Savings and Loan.

Once the Gradys took over the operation, Nora’s ne’er-do-well brother Bobby Wilson (Bobby Van) was hired as lifeguard and night manager.

Mickey was always brainstorming new ideas to bring more vacationers to the hotel, while his inept helpers Bobby and Sammy always seemed to drive those same vacationers away.

Sponsors included Clairol and Ajax Laundry dry Detergent.

Mickey Grady
Mickey Rooney
Nora Grady
Emmaline Henry
Timmy Grady
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Buddy Grady
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