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Milton The Monster

1 9 6 5 – 1 9 6 8 (USA)

Milton was a smokestack-headed, sweet-natured monster (think Gomer Pyle) who was an awful disappointment to his evil creators, Professor Weirdo and Count Kook.

Because they’d added too much tincture of tenderness when they created him. He was a lovable sort instead of the evil terror they’d intended to produce.


After realising their mistake, the pair tried to banish Milton from their home on Horror Hill, but his good-natured demeanour and general klutziness always foiled their plans.

Milton’s roommates in the mansion were a Cyclops and a skeleton named Heebie & Jeebie as well as Abercrombie the Zombie.

Other rotating segments on the Milton show, which ran on ABC’s Saturday-morning schedule for three years beginning in 1965 (and in syndication after that), included Stuffy DurmaFlukey LukePenny Penguin,  Muggy Doo and Fearless Fly.

Stuffy Durma was a hobo who became instantly wealthy by inheriting ten million dollars. His adviser/babysitter was Bradley Brinkley, but no matter how much time Bradley spent teaching his charge the ways of the affluent, Stuffy always ended up reverting to his familiar hobo ways.

Stuffy’s friends Ashcan Annie and Stu Mulligan often visited him in his mansion, much to the consternation of Bradley.

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Flukey Luke was a nutty cowboy who protected his Old West town against the villainous Spider Webb. At Luke’s side were his horse Pronto and his Native American sidekick Two Feathers, who inexplicably spoke with an Irish brogue.

Penny Penguin was a cross between Dennis the Menace and Chilly Willy. A precocious waterfowl, Penny delighted in getting into situations that made life tough for her parents, Chester and Beulah.

Muggy Doo (no relation to Scooby) was a crafty cat who spent his days conning people out of food, money, housing, and just about anything they had that he wanted.

Fearless Fly related the adventures of mild-mannered Hiram the fly, who – after ducking into a matchbox and donning special spectacles – transformed into the buff Fearless Fly.

When our hero wasn’t doing battle with his usual nemesis, the Fu Manchu-like Dr Goo Fee, he chilled at the Sugar Bowl with gal-pal Flora Fly and their buddy Horsey.

Milton the Monster
Bob McFadden
Professor Weirdo 

Dayton Allen
Count Kook 

Larry Best
Stuffy Durma 

Dayton Allen
Bradley Brinkley 

Dayton Allen
Flukey Luke 

Dayton Allen
Two Feathers 

Larry Best
Penny Penguin 

Beverly Arnold
Chester Penguin 

Dayton Allen
Beulah Penguin 

Hettie Galen
Muggy Doo 

Larry Best
Fearless Fly 

Dayton Allen
Flora Fly 

Beverly Arnold