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Mona McCluskey

1 9 6 5 – 1 9 6 6 (USA)
26 x 30 minute episodes

Tall, leggy Juliet Prowse starred as actress/dancer Mona Carroll (which sounded better than her married name, McCluskey).

Mona made great money as an actress ($5,000 a week) but she wasn’t allowed to spend any of it because her husband – Sgt Michael J McCluskey (Denny Miller) – would only allow her to spend his Air Force salary (a meagre $500 a month) so he would feel less emasculated and more like the breadwinner of the family.

They lived in a small two-room Hollywood apartment.


Other regular characters included Mona’s producer Frank Caldwell (Bartlett Robinson), General Windy Crone (Herb Rudley), Sgt Stan Gruzewsky (Robert Strauss) and Alice Henderson (Elena Verdugo), Stan’s girlfriend.

In an attempt to boost ratings, NBC incorporated more and more dancing in the show, but it didn’t help.

Mona Carroll (McCluskey)
Juliet Prowse
Sgt Michael J McCluskey
Denny Miller
Frank Caldwell
Bartlett Robinson
General Windy Crone
Herb Rudley
Sgt Stan Gruzewsky
Robert Strauss
Alice Henderson
Elena Verdugo