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Mr Broadway

1 9 6 4 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Mike Bell (Craig Stevens), was a sophisticated press agent and the owner of the highly successful Michael Bell and Associates, a public relations firm in New York City with many distinguished clients.

Mike’s job was to keep people out of the gossip columns as well as in them.

He was a man who personally got involved with his clients and a man who took a professional interest in his long-time clients.

He was, in essence, a PR man who acted as a detective when he needed to take action to clear a client of a false charge.

A girl named Toki (Lani Miyazaki) was his girl Friday. Hank McClure (Horace McMahon) was Michael’s contact man.

Guest stars included Tuesday Weld, Liza Minnelli, Jill St. John, Jason Robards, Tina Louise, Larry Hagman, Barbara Feldon, Jack Cassidy and Lauren Bacall.

Mike Bell
Craig Stevens
Lani Miyazaki
Hank McClure
Horace McMahon


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