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Mr & Mrs

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 8 8 (UK)
1 9 9 9 (UK)

In 1968/69, Derek Batey saw and liked the Mr & Mrs game show format. At the time, Batey was Head of Production at Border Television and took the decision to try a series of 13 weeks of Mr & Mrs.  In 1973 the show was taken by the whole ITV network.

Norman Vaughan had also hosted a version for Anglia television in 1969, assisted by hostess Roz Early.

The format was simple. A married couple came on to the show. One went into “the booth” and donned the headphones while the other one answered three questions about their other half (what’s his favourite colour? which shoe does your husband put on first? etc).

Alan Taylor and Lynda Thomas.

The couple then changed places and we saw how well they actually knew each other . . .

Prizes were usually cash, fanned out tantalisingly on a silver tray. Each correct answer earned the couple some cash, and all six correct answers won them the jackpot.

In the late 70s, Janice Hoyte joined Alan Taylor and became the first West Indian Hostess on British television.

A disastrous 90’s remake was attempted with Julian Clary. Stacey Young was his assistant.

Alan Taylor
Penny Irving
Derek Batey
Susan Cuff
Marion MacDonald
Lynda Thomas
Janice Hoyte
Julian Clary
Stacey Young
Norman Vaughan
Roz Early