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Mr Piper

1 9 6 0 (Canada)
15 x 25 minute episodes

Portly Canadian opera singer Alan Crofoot hosted as the titular Mr Piper. Dressed as the Pied Piper with a flower in his hat, he presented four segments each week:

In “Teletune” Mr Piper narrated a fantasy story over some crude animation; he presented films about children and events in other countries in “Port of Call”; he performed magic tricks in the “Bag of Tricks” segment and wrapped up with “Animal Farm” where he would tell stories about characters such as Rupert the cat, Bessie the bunny and Kookie the kitten, all in a miniature farm/barnyard setting.

The series aired in many other countries and became very popular in the UK.

In the early morning hours of 5 March 1979, Alan Crofoot jumped from his fifth-floor hotel room window in Dayton, Ohio. He died of his injuries at Miami Valley Hospital shortly thereafter. He was 49.

Mr Piper
Alan Crofoot