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Mystery Hall

1 9 6 7 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Young Jimmy Brent (Mark Colleano) is spending a holiday at a remote hotel on the Dorset coast when he sees a guest shoot the hotel owner. Nobody believes the boy when the ‘dead’ man later returns unharmed.

Soon, Jimmy hears about the lost treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon, thought to be hidden in a secret passage underneath the 15th-century mansion hotel.

Who can Jimmy trust? Jane (Paddy Glynn) the pretty receptionist? Alex Ramsey (Alan Wheatley), a writer staying at the hotel? Apart from Jimmy’s constant canine companion, Solo, the odd odd-job man Zebediah Gast (Philip Newman) seems to be the boy’s only ally.

A boy; his dog; secret passages; hidden treasure – all the elements of the Enid Blyton-inspired serials which were omnipresent on ITV at the time were present and correct in this production from Southern Television.

Jimmy Brent
Mark Colleano
Paddy Glynn
Mrs Thompson
Hilary Mason
Zebediah Gast
Philip Newman
Alex Ramsey
Alan Wheatley
Constable Jeffrys
Neville Barber
Mrs Blake-Clanton
Shelagh Fraser
Mr Berridge
Michael Lynch
Mr Blake-Clanton
Anthony Woodruff