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New Adventures of Superman, The

1 9 6 6 – 1 9 6 8 (USA)
34 x 30 minute episodes

Just in case you have never watched television, read a book, seen a movie, or looked at the comics, here is a brief history of Superman:

Shortly before the planet Krypton exploded, Superman (then known by his birth name, Kal-El) was put into an escape rocket by his parents and sent off into space. After crash-landing on Earth, he was discovered by John and Martha Kent, who raised him as their son, Clark Kent.

As young Kal-El/Clark grew, he discovered his various talents, such as incredibly powerful strength and the ability to fly.

Relocating to Metropolis, Clark began to live a dual life, working as a reporter for the Daily Planet, but turning into Superman whenever trouble surfaced.

The character of Superman first left the comics pages in the 1930s, starring in several animated theatrical shorts. He then moved on to enjoy a successful radio show during the 1940’s, a popular live-action TV version starring George Reeves in the 1950’s, and even a 1966 Broadway musical before returning to the small screen in 1966, this time in animated form.

Almost ten years after the live-action TV show was cancelled, Superman starred in The New Adventures of Superman.

The series utilised the same basic cast as the 1940’s radio version and consisted not only of stories about Superman’s world-saving exploits but also of segments that showed him as a boy in rural Smallville.

These segments featured super dog Krypto and Clark’s first girlfriend, Lana Lang. Bud Collyer, who had provided Superman’s voice for both the Fleischer cartoons and the radio broadcast, reprised his role in this version, too.

The strong point of this version was its faithfulness to the comic book. The show featured villains from the printed stories, like Mr Mxyzptlk and Brainiac.

After one season, the title was changed to The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, and Aquaman, the son of Atlantis, starred in segments of his own. In its last season, Batman was added to the show and given top billing, resulting inThe Batman/Superman Hour.

Hanna-Barbera’s Space Ghost finally proved to be too much competition for the Man of Steel, who left the cartoon airwaves in 1969.

Superman retained his membership in the Justice League, which kept him employed on Saturday morning’s Super Friends well into the 1980s. CBS gave him another solo shot in 1988, but this version went the way of Krypton, destroyed after one season.

Another incarnation of the man with the “S” on his chest came in 1997, with The New Superman Adventures. Animated in the angular, darker style of Batman: The Animated Series, this Superman caught on with 90’s kids, becoming a mainstay of Fox Kids’ afternoon line-up.

Superman/Clark Kent
Bud Collyer
Lois Lane 

Jean Alexander
Jimmy Olsen 

Jack Grimes
Perry White 

Ted Knight

Bob Hastings
Lana Lang 

Janet Waldo
Narrator (Superman)

Jackson Beck
Narrator (Superboy)

Ted Knight