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Oh! Those Bells

1 9 6 2 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived CBS sitcom starred the German/Austrian-born Wiere brothers – Herbert, Harry and Sylvester – as Herbert, Harry and Sylvester Bell, who worked for a Hollywood prop shop.

Their boss at the shop was the easily flustered Mr Henry Slocum (Henry Norell). Also at the shop was the lovely Kitty Mathews (Carol Byron) on whom Sylvester had a crush.

The Bell boys all lived together in a bungalow where their landlady was Mrs Stanfield (Reta Shaw).

The Wiere brothers got to perform their old vaudeville act, especially their musical shenanigans, in almost every episode. Some of their more inspired slapstick moments resembled some of the Three Stooges’ best work.

Herbert Bell
Herbert Wiere
Harry Bell
Harry Wiere
Sylvester Bell
Sylvester Wiere
Mr Henry Slocum
Henry Norell
Kitty Mathews
Carol Byron
Mrs Stanfield
Reta Shaw