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One Happy Family

1 9 6 1 (USA)
15 x 30 minute episodes

“They reside with the parents of the bride”

Dick Cooper (Dick Sargent) and his wife, Penny (Jody Warner) are a newly-married couple who can’t afford their own home so they move in with Penny’s parents, Barney and Mildred Hogan (Chick Chandler and Elisabeth Fraser) and her grandparents, Charley and Lovey Hackett (Jack Kirkwood and Cheerio Meredith).

The stories revolve around the troubles that occur as three generations attempt to live under the same roof.

Dick works as a meteorologist while Barney and Charley work for the plumbing company owned by Barney (Hogan Plumbing Company).

Dick Cooper
Dick Sargent
Penny Cooper
Jody Warner
Barney Hogan
Chick Chandler
Mildred ‘Mil’ Hogan
Elisabeth Fraser
Charley Hackett
Jack Kirkwood
Lovey Hackett
Cheerio Meredith



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