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1 9 6 5 – 1 9 6 8 (UK)
76 x 30 minute episodes

This children’s adventure series from Rediffusion was a spin-off from the prime-time adult thriller Crane and starred Sam Kydd as the titular former-smuggler, Orlando O’Connor.

Crane had quit Morocco, so his wily old Irish sidekick Orlando returned to Britain to run a boatyard at Drake’s Landing, but still taking time out to solve a series of episodic crimes with the help of two kids, Long John (Gregory Phillips) and Triss (Margo Andrew).

The wily old Irishman had been educated at the school of hard knocks, growing up in various children’s homes and later joining the foreign legion. A rogue with a heart of gold, his time with Crane was spent smuggling cigarettes and booze (but never drugs) and occasionally helping out the authorities at those times when it took a crook to catch a crook.


Debuting on 13 April 1965, Orlando had a heavy production schedule, with 52 episodes per year.

Exterior filming was on Monday and rehearsals were on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The studio was set on Friday morning, the recording was done in the afternoon, the show was aired at  5:25 on Friday afternoon . . . and they started all over again the following Monday.

Episodes were largely recorded ‘as live’ in the studio, but with a pleasing amount of location filming (mostly around London’s Docklands) giving it a more polished look.

From the second season onwards, the format changed to a series of short-run cliffhanging serials with Orlando now accompanied by brother and sister Steve (David Munro) and Jenny Morgan (Judy Robinson).

The fourth series tapped into the popular tongue-in-cheek spy send-up genre, with Orlando involved with M.I.N.C.E (Ministry Investigating National Crime and Espionage). Gadgets were now the order of the day and Orlando’s life was often saved by the Magical powers of his talisman, the Gizzmo.

Among the diamond smugglers and the like that Orlando encountered most weeks, his arch-enemy was Moosh, his evil doppelganger played – naturally – by Sam Kydd.

76 programmes were made in total, making Orlando the longest-running of Rediffusion’s children’s serials. The series finally died when Rediffusion merged with ABC to form Thames TV in 1968.

It was replaced in the affections of viewers by the more hardware-obsessed action series Freewheelers.

Orlando O’Connor
Sam Kydd
Long John Turner
Gregory Phillips
Triss Fenton
Margo Andrew
Steve Morgan
David Munro
Jenny Morgan
Judy Robinson
Inspector Hersch
Hugh Cross
Trevor Martin
Dan Cassidy
Archie Duncan
Clifton Jones
Sgt Prothero
Clifford Earl
Paul Holdaway
Willie the Gospel
Windsor Davies
Sgt Banner
Barry Linehan
Sam Kydd
Ben Ali Kebab
Arthur White
Zia Mohyeddin
Derek Sydney
Inspector Marigold
Arthur Howard
Sgt Bond
Dennis Chinnery
Dai MacTavish
Clive Dunn
Harry Towb
Tom Turtle
Louis Mansi
Tim Turtle
Dickie Owen
Jingles Partridge
John Abineri
Mrs O’Connor (Orlando’s mum)
Sheila O’Sullivan
Patrick McAlliney
Maurie Taylor
Shish Kebab
Arthur White
Hugh Futcher
Ben Ali
Freddy Foote
Col Snitzenbaumer
Jack May
Beau-Beau Geste
Richard Murdoch


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