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Our Five Daughters

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NBC launched the 30-minute five-day-a-week daytime serial Our Five Daughters on 2 January 1962 – ousting the long-running From These Roots – and the trouble and suffering began immediately.

To the swelling tones of the organ, trouble engulfed all five daughters plus their mother and father (he was hurt in an accident) as well as a son-in-law and an uncle. And all this on the occasion of the wedding anniversary of the mother and father . . .

Former silent movie star Esther Ralston played the mother, Helen Lee, with competency. Michael Keen was the father, Jim (pictured below left).

The titular daughters were Mary (27), married and expecting a baby; Barbara (25), the “steady one”; Jane (23), just finished law school and hunting for a job and love; Marjorie (18), a boy-mad flirt; and Ann (16), a high school student worried about exams, grades and boys (pictured below right).


Helen Lee
Esther Ralston
Jim Lee
Michael Keen
Mary Lee Weldon
Wynne Miller
Barbara Lee

Patricia Allison
Jane Lee
Nuella Dierking
Marjorie Lee
Iris Joyce
Ann Lee
Jacqueline Courtney
Don Weldon
Ben Hayes
Cynthia Dodd
Joan Anderson
Jon Cypher
George Barr
Ralph Ellis
Kip Nichols
Ed Griffith
Sophie Greer
Astride Lance
Mona Wilkins
Pat Peardon
Greta Hitchcock
Janis Young
Uncle Charlie
Robert W. Stewart