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Pete and Gladys

1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 2 (USA)
72 x 30 minutes episodes

This CBS spin-off from the sitcom December Bride starred Harry Morgan and Cara Williams as Pete Porter and his wife, Gladys, and aired at 8.00 pm on Monday nights.

Peter Porter, an insurance salesman for the Springer, Slocum and KleverInsurance Company in Los Angeles, and Gladys Hooper, a scatterbrained secretary, fell in love, eloped and married nine years earlier in the small town of Colbyville. They later set up house at 36 Bleecker Street in Westwood, California.

Pete, who spent his military career as a clerk in a PX during World War II, told Gladys he was a hero and that he single-handedly captured a Japanese patrol.

Pete put up with all of Gladys’s harebrained antics, while Gladys was naturally curious about everything – and pursuing that curiosity always got her into trouble.

Janet Colton (Shirley Mitchell) was her friend, neighbour and cohort in misadventure. Gladys was the entertainment chair of the Junior Matron’s League of the Children’s Hospital and also a member of the Westwood Bowling League with Janet and Hilda Crocker (Verna Felton).

Other characters included Gladys’s father, Henry Hooper (Ernest Truex); her nephew, Bruce (Bill Hinnant); her cousin, Helen Franklin (Sue Randall), Pete’s Uncle Paul (Gale Gordon) who believed Gladys was an idiot; Janet’s husband, George Colton (Peter Leeds); Pete’s boss, Barry Slocum (Barry Kelly) and Barry’s wife, Laura Slocum (Helen Kleeb).

Pete Porter 
Harry Morgan
Gladys Porter 

Cara Williams
Hilda Crocker
Verna Felton
Janet Colton
Shirley Mitchell
Uncle Paul Barton
Gale Gordon
Barry Slocum
Barry Kelly
Laura Slocum
Helen Kleeb
Peggy Briggs
Mina Kolb
Ernie Briggs
Joe Mantell
Alvy Moore
Alice, Howie’s wife
Barbara Stuart
George Colton
Peter Leeds
Pops (Henry Hooper) 
Ernest Truex
Bruce Carter
Bill Hinnant
Frances Rafferty
Helen Franklin
Sue Randall
Jerry Franklin
Carleton Carpenter
Newton Norwood
Cliff Norton