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Phoenix Five

1 9 6 9 (Australia)
26 x 25 minute episodes

“The year: 2500 AD. The Phoenix Five. The crew: Captain Roke, Ensign Adam Hargreaves, Cadet Tina Kulbrick, and their computeroid Karl. Their mission: to patrol the outer galaxies for Earth Space Control, to maintain peace, and to capture Zodian the humanoid, who with the aid of his computers Alpha and Zeta endeavours to become dictator of outer space.”

The first attempt at an Australian sci-fi series had been The Interpretaris in 1966, which had a brief run of six episodes. They pulled the plug and tried again two years later, using the same model ship and sets, with Vega 4. After seven episodes, that show was also killed.

This subsequent low-budget Sci-Fi drama series from the Australian ABC featured the three-person crew of the spaceship Phoenix Five – “the most sophisticated craft in the Earth Space Control Fleet”.

Captain Roke (Mike Dorsey) and his team – Ensign Adam Hargreaves (Damien Parker) and Cadet Tina Kulbrick (Patsy Trench, pictured at left) – patrolled the outer galaxies for Earth Space Control in the year 2500 AD, dressed in gold tunics, black slacks and Beatle boots.

Accompanied by their ‘computeroid’, Karl (also pictured at left), they fended off a plethora of aliens, space giants, mutants and evil would-be universe dominators, especially Zodian the humanoid (pictured below right), from planet Zebula 9.

Zodian’s ambition was to become “dictator of outer space”, with the aid of his computers, Alpha and Zeta (a couple of flashing illuminated heads). The crew of the Phoenix Five finally captured Zodian in episode 13 and subsequently were pitted against a new villain, Platonus (Owen Weingott).

Predictably, Platonus was another mad scientist, though he had pointy ears like Star Trek‘s Mr Spock and a cockney-accented computer named Tommy. Platonus was captured in the final episode. Captain Roke was subsequently promoted to Head of Earth Defence, and Adam was promoted to Captain of the Phoenix Five.

Captain Roke 
Mike Dorsey
Ensign Adam Hargraves

Damien Parker
Cadet Tina Kulbrick

Patsy Trench
Computeroid Karl

Stuart Leslie
Earth Space Controller

Peter Collingwood

Redmond Phillips

Owen Weingott


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