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Police Surgeon

1 9 6 0 (UK)

Ian Hendry starred as Doctor Geoffrey Brent – a doctor with the Bayswater police – in this lightweight straight crime drama series.


Other regular participants were John Warwick as Inspector Landon and Ingrid Hafner as Amanda Gibbs.

Michael Crawford appeared in one episode (Easy Money) as a juvenile delinquent.

As it was essentially insipid, the show was cancelled after one season but the character of Geoffrey Brent, still played by Hendry, was revived 12 months later, having gained a partner, as one of the two main parts in the first series of The Avengers

Not to be confused with the Canadian series of the same name, starring Sam Groom.

Doctor Geoffrey Brent
Ian Hendry 
Inspector Landon 

John Warwick 
Amanda Gibbs

Ingrid Hafner