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Queen and I, The

1 9 6 9 (USA)

The ‘Queen’ in this short-lived CBS comedy was the Amsterdam Queen – an ageing ocean liner whose owner – Commodore “Doodles” Dodds (Reginald Owen) – had decided to retire and sell her for scrap. Fighting the inevitable was the ship’s purser, Charles Duffy (Larry Storch), who was not above trying anything to save the ship and his job.

The various ways in which he had been able to supplement his income with the ship – making it available for weddings and bar mitzvahs when it was in port, shaming the passengers into giving bigger tips – made him particularly desperate to save it.

Most of the crew members were enthusiastic about his efforts, with the exception of First Mate Nelson (Billy DeWolfe), who had never been able to catch Charlie at any of his shenanigans but who would be happy to see him out of a job.

The other crew members included steward Seaman Becker (Carl Ballantine); Barney the cook (Pat Morita); radioman Ozzie (Dave Willock); Wilma the nurse (Barbara Stuart); Captain Washburn (Liam Dunn) and Max Kowalski (Dave Morick).

Charles Duffy
Larry Storch
First Mate Oliver Nelson
Billy DeWolfe
Carl Ballantine
Pat Morita
Wilma Winslow
Barbara Stuart
Max Kowalski
Dave Morick
Capt. Washburn
Liam Dunn
Dave Willock
Commodore “Doodles” Dodds
Reginald Owen