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Randall & Hopkirk: Deceased

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 0 (UK)
26 x 60 minute episodes

When Marty Hopkirk is killed in a hit and run accident, it is left to his partner Jeff Randall to run their private investigation company with Marty’s widow Jean, played by delectable Australian actress Annette Andre.

Marty comes back as a ghost to help . . . but only Jeff can see him.

Despite the fact that the two are like chalk and cheese – Jeff is a chain smoker who enjoys a drink and a gamble while Marty is squeaky clean and wholesome – the two make a great team.

Marty can’t be seen by anyone else, nor is he able to touch anyone or anything. This is a tad unfortunate as he is unable to help Jeff in the constant fistfights he finds himself in.

Jeff also often finds himself running foul of Detective Inspector Large (pictured below) of the local plod.

Randall’s office is just off Trafalgar Square and much of the action is set around the Soho area of London.

randall_largeAccordingly many episodes feature nightclubs, seedy bars, illegal casinos and dancing girls.

Randall is constantly on the brink of financial ruin and resorts frequently to borrowing from Jeannie (her car, her money) much to Marty’s disgust.

In one notable episode (‘Never Trust a Ghost’), Jeff uses Jean to establish an alibi. She rushes over to his flat in her nightie and jumps into his bed. Mmmm . . . Sadly, that’s as far as it ever went.

Despite the show’s popularity both in the UK and the US – where it was unimaginatively retitled My Partner the Ghost –  the show failed to get a second series. The format was resurrected in 2000 by the BBC as a vehicle for comedy duo Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. Unfortunately, the revival failed to recapture the appeal of the original series.

As Jeff once asked Marty: “Why can’t you stay dead like anyone else?”


Jeff Randall
Mike Pratt
Marty Hopkirk 
Kenneth Cope
Jean Hopkirk 

Annette Andre
Inspector Large 

Ivor Dean


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