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Richard Boone Show, The

1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 4 (USA)
25 x 60 minute episodes

Have Gun Will Travel star Richard Boone starred in this tailor-made anthology series featuring twenty-five self-contained unrelated stories, playing a different character each time – District Attorney, mobster, cowboy, hillbilly banjo player, sea captain and several more.

Some episodes did not feature Boone. In these episodes, one of the regular ensemble players (including Harry Morgan, Warren Stevens, Robert Blake, Guy Stockwell, Laura Devon, June Harding, Bethel Leslie and Jeannette Nolan) took the lead.

A sadly neglected classic.


Statement of Fact | All the Comforts of Home | Wall to Wall War | Where Do You Hide an Egg? | The Stranger | Sorofino’s Treasure | Vote No on 11! | The Fling | Captain Al Sanchez | Don’t Call Me Dirty Names | Big Mitch | Which Are the Nuts? And Which Are the Bolts? | Where’s the Million Dollars? | The Mafia Man | The Hooligan | Welcome Home, Dan | First Sermon | Death Before Dishonor | A Tough Man to Kill | Occupational Hazard | Run, Pony, Run | The Arena: Part 1 | The Arena: Part 2 | All the Blood of Yesterday | A Need of Valor