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Road West, The

1 9 6 6 (USA)
29 x 60 minute episodes

Debuting on 12 September 1966 on NBC, The Road West took a pioneer family to Kansas in the 1860s.


The show depicted what they faced in their new homestead and what became of them as they began their rugged new life.

Pride was the name – widower Ben Pride (Barry Sullivan), his three children Timothy (Andrew Prine), Midge (Brenda Scott) and Kip (Kelly Corcoran), and his mother and father, Tom (Charles Seel) and Grandma (Katherine Squire) – and pride was the fuel that gave them the strength to endure the hardships and hostility they encountered.

The Prides’ lives were intertwined with those of headstrong Chance Reynolds (Glenn Corbett) and his sister Elizabeth (Kathryn Hays), who, before too many episodes had passed, became Ben’s wife.

Ben Pride
Barry Sullivan
Timothy Pride
Andrew Prine
Midge Pride
Brenda Scott
Kip Pride
Kelly Corcoran
Elizabeth Reynolds
Kathryn Hays
Tom Pride
Charles Seel
Katherine Squire
Chance Reynolds
Glenn Corbett