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Roaring 20’s, The

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This drama series from ABC was set in the bootlegging days of the 1920s in New York City. In an attempt at documentary-style authenticity, the show included newsreel footage of events that actually happened during that period.

Pat (Donald May) and Scott (Rex Reason) were investigative reporters for the New York Record who, with the assistance of their young copy boy and friend, Chris (Gary Vinson), sought big scoops by infiltrating the underworld and exposing the hoods who were controlling the city during the prohibition era.

They were often seen at the Charleston Club, a posh speakeasy where the leading attraction was beautiful songstress and dancer Pinky Pinkham (Dorothy Provine).

Working in a club frequented by mobsters, Pinky often had tips that would help the reporters break their cases. And whenever they got in over their heads, Lieutenant Switolski (Mike Road) of the NYPD would bail them out.


Except for the Prohibition-era setting, The Roaring 20’s was virtually interchangeable with any of the other formula cop series’ Warner Bros. produced for ABC in the late 50s and early 60s – the most successful of which were 77 Sunset StripHawaiian Eye, and Surfside Six.

Cancelled early in 1962, The Roaring 20’s returned for a few weeks in September of that year with re-runs.

Scott Norris
Rex Reason
Pat Garrison

Donald May
Pinky Pinkham
Dorothy Provine
Chris Higbee
Gary Vinson
Jim Duke Williams
John Dehner
Lt Joe Switolski
Mike Road
Robert Howard
James Flavin