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Rogues, The

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (USA)
30 x 50 minute episodes

“Honour before honesty” was the credo of the Flemings and the St. Clairs, the two most successful families of scoundrels the civilised world had ever known.

Their lines had been forever crossed when Sir Giles Fleming and la Comtesse Juliette St. Clair had met and fallen in love while both were independently trying to lift a jewel box from Marie Antoinette in 1789.

The modern descendants of these aristocratic jewel thieves and con men – whose primary activity was relieving the rich of their wealth – were spread all over the world.

Tony (Gig Young) was the dashing young American member of the family, who worked out of New York and had been hand-picked to take over the family ‘throne’ from his English cousin, Alec (David Niven) when the latter went into semi-retirement.

Alec had moved to Montego Bay but was still active for special deals.

Marcel (Charles Boyer) was the head of the French branch of the family and Timmy (Robert Coote), a master of disguises, was on hand to help each of the principals. His mother, Aunt Margaret (Gladys Cooper), was the planner and coordinator of most of the heists and cons, all of which were finalised at her home across from Buckingham Palace.

Tony Fleming
Gig Young
Alec Fleming
David Niven
Marcel St. Clair
Charles Boyer
Timmy St Clair 
Robert Coote
Margaret St. Clair
Gladys Cooper
Inspector Briscoe
John Williams