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Room for One More

1 9 6 2 (USA)
27 x 30 minute episodes

This family comedy was about the middle-class Rose family: Engineer George (Andrew Duggan), his wife, Anna (Peggy McCay), their two biological children Laurie (Carol Nicholson) and Flip (Ronnie Dapo), and two adopted children Mary (Ahna Capri) and Jeff (Mickey Rooney’s son, Tim).

The Roses’ easygoing ways and sympathy for children, in general, kept bringing other homeless waifs in and out of the household as well – they always had “room for one more”.

Walter and Ruth Burton (Jack Albertson and Maxine Stuart) were their neighbours. Elsie (Sara Seeger) was Anna’s friend. Tramp was the family dog.

George Rose
Andrew Duggan
Anna Rose
Peggy McCay
Laurie Rose
Carol Nicholson
Flip Rose
Ronnie Dapo
Mary Rose
Ahna Capri
Jeff Rose
Tim Rooney
Ruth Burton
Maxine Stuart
Walter Burton
Jack Albertson
Sara Seeger