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Samuari, The

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (Japan)
128 x 30 minute episodes

Shintaro, Master Swordsman (Koichi Ose), travelled 17th century Japan with his trusted companion Tombei The Mist (Fuyukichi Maki), battling the enemies of the Shogun and the dreaded evil Koga and Fuma Ninjas.

The Shogun had to subdue the warlords of the 73 provinces before he became Shogun, and Shintaro – a solemn-faced hereditary Samurai warrior – moves between the warlords as a spy for the Shogun, and as insurance against provincial uprisings.

The Ninjas are the henchmen of the provincial warlords, many of whom are naturally antagonistic to the Shogun and Shintaro.


All of this takes place amid beautiful rural scenery, exquisite temples, and strange and picturesque villages and shrines.

Produced in Japan between 1962 and 1965 as Onmitsu Kenshi, this series was renamed The Samurai and dubbed (badly) for release in Australia in 1964, where it aired on Channel 9 and rapidly became a major hit.

The sword and knife play was outstanding and the Ninjas were terrific fun to watch, travelling at speed, jumping backwards into trees, hanging upside down by their knees, and throwing star knives at every opportunity.

Children all over Australia leapt about in dressing gowns and other robes made from curtains and sheets, emulating their hero and battling each other with sticks and fake star knives.

In January 1966, at the height of the series’ popularity down-under, Koichi Ose visited Sydney and Melbourne to perform in a series of stage live shows.


The startled actor was totally overwhelmed and bewildered when he stepped from the plane at Sydney Airport to be mobbed by thousands of suitably costumed fans, who screamed with delight and flung star knives about.

He performed to huge crowds – supported by 13 Ninjas – in several live shows based on the TV series, where he displayed his genuine skills with the sword and martial arts.

Soon after his return to Japan, Koichi Ose was offered a lucrative film contract which he accepted and left The Samurai. It was a blow to fans and to the Senkosha Film Company who produced the show.

A new lead actor was brought onboard – Shinichiro Hayashi who became Shinnosuke, the new hero of the show.

Shinnosuke was a Samurai, but also a Ninja. He was also shorter than Shintaro, and with a merrier face, but to Australian viewers, Shinnosuke had exactly the same (dubbed) voice as Shintaro!

Shintaro Akikusa
Koichi Ose
Tombei the Mist
Fuyukichi Maki
Omori Shunsuke
Kongo of Koga
Bin Amatsu
Shinichiro Hayashi

Shintaro Akikusa/Shinnosuke (Dubbed voice)
William Ross
Tombei the Mist (Dubbed voice)
Cliff Harrington


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