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Scarlett Hill

1 9 6 2 – 1 9 6 4 (Canada)
30 minute episodes

Scarlett Hill was the first daytime soap opera produced for Canadian television, although it was based upon an American radio drama created by Robert and Kathleen Lindsay.

The series focused on the residents of the Russell Boarding House in Scarlett Hill, New York, and was structured in blocks of five episodes (stories which started on Monday strove toward culmination on Friday to make way for a new family in town and a new narrative block the following week) which aired on CBC-TV each weekday at 4 pm.

Widow Kate Russell (Beth Lockerbie) was the proprietress. Other original regular characters included her rebellious teenage daughter Ginny (Lucy Warner) and Janice Turner (Suzanne Bryant), a young girl residing there.

The series was syndicated to the United Kingdom, Australia and the US and ran until 1964.

Kate Russell
Beth Lockerbie
Ginny Russell
Lucy Warner
Janice Turner
Suzanne Bryant
David Black
Gordon Pinsent
Walter Pendleton
Ivor Barry
Harry Russell
Ed McNamara
Cosette Lee
Tom Harvey
Marty Stetrop
Susan Alston
Carol Starkman
Amanda Phillips
Jane Mallett
Maxine Miller
Larry Reynolds
Ivor Barry
Amos Currey
John Drainie
John King
Rex Hagon
Amelia Hall
Dr Tom Pine
Philip Neilson
Doc Kendall
Les Rubie
George Robbins
Neil McCallum
Ronald Cohoon
Leo Leyden
Ronald King
Frank Mathias
Jamie Parker
Kenneth Stephens
Nurse Tanner
Beth Amos
Theresa King
Paisley Maxwell
Joseph Shaw
Barbara Hamilton
Mr Alston
Frank Aldous
Nobe Parker
Murray Westgate
Alfie Scopp
Mrs Alston
Alice Hill
Langley Kendall
Ray Bellew
Kate Parker
Corinne Langston
Mr Moorhead
Georges Toupin
Dr Spangle
Anthony Kramreither