Home Television Drama Seaway


1 9 6 5 – 1 9 6 6 (Canada)
30 x 60 minute episodes

Made in Canada by England’s ITC television company, this short-lived drama series followed the investigations of Nick King (Stephen Young) and Admiral Henry Fox (Austin Willis) – two special agents who worked for the Ship Owners Association in Toronto, operating along the new St. Lawrence Seaway.

Nick and the Admiral pitted themselves against drug smugglers, illegal immigrants, pirates, terrorists, thieves, kidnappers, mutineers, arsonists, murderers, escaped prisoners, blackmailers, and plague-stricken ships.


Nick King
Stephen Young
Admiral Henry Victor Leslie Fox
Austin Willis


Shipment from Marseilles | Last Voyage | Border Incident | What the Rats Knew | The Only Good Indian | 34th Man | The Provocative Mademoiselle | Bonhomme Richard | Nothing But a Long Goodbye | Abraham’s Hand | Mutiny | A Medal for Mirko | Port of Call: Paradise | Trial by Fire | The Wharf Rat | Over the Falls | Maria | The Sparrows | Ghost Ship | Dead Reckoning | Billy the Kid | The Viking | Hot Line | The Last Free Man | Sinking of the Elizabeth Rainey | Rx for Murder | Don’t Forget to Wipe the Blood Off: Part 1 | Don’t Forget to Wipe the Blood Off: Part 2 | Gunpowder and Paint: Part 1 | Gunpowder and Paint: Part 2