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Send Foster

1 9 6 7 (UK)
12 x 30 minute episodes

18-year-old Johnny Foster (Hayward Morse, son of actor Barry Morse) is the junior reporter for the Redstone Chronicle. His editor sends him out on a number of assignments which Johnny expects to be boring but end up being more than he bargained for. Along the way he becomes involved with a variety of people and situations, learning more about himself and life.

Early on in his career, Johnny is forced to question his conscience and think about how he will feel when writing stories that have the potential to adversely affect other people’s lives. Issues of race are addressed when Johnny discovers that a colour bar is operating in the local area.

Ultimately, Johnny learns the hard way what he can and cannot do as a journalist when he takes issue with a local councillor.

Slightly less taxing is Johnny’s venture into the local pop music scene when he finds himself involved in a competition for the best group.

He also finds himself surprised by the power of the pen when some tough words about the local amateur dramatic society come back to haunt him.

The format was briefly revived for a one-off pilot episode called ‘Snoop!’ for Dramarama in 1984.

Johnny Foster
Hayward Morse
Arthur Harding
Patrick Newell
Polly James