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Sierra Nine

1 9 6 3 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Watchdog organisation Sierra Nine has the responsibility of monitoring potential threats to the scientific equilibrium of the planet.

Heading up this mini taskforce is eccentric but highly gifted scientist Sir Willoughby Dodd (Max Kirby), and help is at hand from his two young assistants, Peter Chance (David Sumner) and Anna Parsons (Deborah Stanford), who embark on dangerous and exciting missions.

Travelling to the Middle East, they must locate the maverick scientist known as ‘The Baron’ (Harold Kasket) and disable the microwave radio device that he is using to hypnotise research workers.

When prominent nuclear physicist Sir Hugo Petersham’s (David Garth) minute atomic warhead is stolen while in transit, Anna and Peter desperately try and track it down before it explodes.

They then travel to a monastery in France to investigate a potion that apparently enables people to defy the ageing process. Finally, the team find themselves in a second battle with The Baron who has succeeded in stealing a new deadly weapon.

The series was developed after ITV’s Head of Children’s Television, John Rhodes, contacted Peter Hays and Marc Miller, proposing a new approach on science fiction or a “Sexton Blake of science”.

Peter Chance
David Sumner
Anna Parsons
Deborah Stanford
Sir Willoughby Dodd
Max Kirby
The Baron
Harold Kasket
King Sharifa
Henry Lincoln
Colonel Selim
Julian Sherrier
Sir Hugo Petersham
David Garth
Professor Portman
Ronald Ibbs