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My Sister Eileen

1 9 6 0 (USA)
26 x 30 minute episodes

Wise-cracking, gravel-throated Ruth (Elaine Stritch) and strikingly pretty Eileen (Shirley Bonne) Sherwood were two sisters from Ohio who moved to a basement apartment in Greenwich Village, New York, to pursue their respective dreams and seek fame and fortune.

Big sister Ruth wanted to be a writer but was having trouble getting her first story published. To help pay the rent, she worked as a reader for Parkview Publishing.

Eileen wanted to be an actress and a model. She had the looks and the talent, but simply wasn’t getting the breaks.

Ruth had her hands full trying to keep Eileen out of trouble and the girls were always late paying their rent which raised the ire of their landlord Mr Appopoplous (Leon Belasco).

Stubby Kaye made frequent appearances as Marty Scott, the agent for both Sherwood sisters.

The black and white sitcom from CBS was adapted from the short stories by Ruth McKenney which originally appeared in the New Yorker before being been made into a book (1938), a play (1940), a movie from Columbia (1942) and a hit Broadway musical, retitled Wonderful Town (1953) and a musical movie version (1955) starring Janet Leigh and Jack Lemmon, with completely different songs to the Broadway stage version.

Ruth Sherwood
Elaine Stritch
Eileen Sherwood
Shirley Bonne
Mr Beaumont
Raymond Bailey
Mr Appopoplous
Leon Belasco
Chick Adams
Jack Weston
Rose Marie
Marty Scott
Stubby Kaye