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Sky Hawks

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 1 (USA)

The Sky Hawks were a team of aviation specialists who also happened to be family.

Mike “Cap” Wilson, patriarch of the clan and the leader of the team, learned how to fly in World War II. His father, Pappy Wilson, had been an ace pilot in the First World War.

Mike had two children, Steve and Carolyn, and Pappy had two foster kids, Red and Cynthia Hughes. Naturally, all were expert pilots.


Even Mike’s girlfriend, Maggie McNally, knew her way around a stick and rudder.

The team was always ready to assist in an emergency rescue, transport some air freight, or even run a secret mission for the government.

The team’s main rival was Buck Devlin, who was not above taking foolish risks to get the job done – a practice the Sky Hawks definitely frowned upon.

Like Hot WheelsSky Hawks was based on a series of toys manufactured by Mattel.

While these shows only ran for two seasons, they were instrumental in creating a model for future relationships between toy manufacturers and cartoons.

Captain Mike Wilson
Michael Rye
Steve Wilson 

Casey Kasem
Joe Conway 

Casey Kasem
Caroline Wilson 

Iris Rainer
Pappy Wilson 

Dick Curtis
Baron ‘Red’ Hughes 

Dick Curtis
Cynthia ‘Mugs’ Hughes 

Melinda Casey
Maggie McNally 

Joan Gerber
Buck Devlin 

Bob Arbogast