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Slattery’s People

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (USA)
36 x 60 minute episodes

The professional and personal conflicts and activities of the minority leader in a fictional state legislature were depicted in Slattery’s People.

Lawyer James Slattery (Richard Crenna) was an idealistic, concerned state representative who was very interested in governmental reforms and constantly found himself involved in causes.

With the help of his aide, Johnny Ramos (Paul Geary), and his secretary, B.J (Maxine Stuart), he attempted to push legislation that would better the lot of his constituents.

House Speaker Bert Metcalf (Tol Avery) of the stronger opposition party, was his friendly enemy.

When this series returned for an abbreviated second season, Slattery had a new aide called Mike Valera (Alejandro Rey), a new secretary called Wendy Wendkowski (Francine York), and a regular girlfriend in Liz Andrews (Kathie Browne).

James Slattery
Richard Crenna
Frank Radcliff
Edward Asner
Johnny Ramos
Paul Geary
B.J. Clawson
Maxine Stuart
Speaker Bert Metcalf
Tol Avery
Liz Andrews
Kathie Browne
Mike Valera
Alejandro Rey
Wendy Wendkowski
Francine York