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Spanish Farm, The

1 9 6 8 (UK)
4 x 50 minute episodes

Debuting on Saturday 6 April 1968, this four-part drama series from BBC2 told the story of Flemish peasant woman Madeleine Vanderlynden (Caroline Mortimer) and her Spanish Farm situated in French Flanders close to the Front in the First World War, and some of the British troops billeted there.

Madeleine is determined to track down Georges D’Archeville (Carl Rigg), the son of the local baron who owns the land on which the farm stands, with whom she had an affair before he went off to war.

She searches for him everywhere – assisted by the British officer Lt. Skene (Cavan Kendall) – eventually ending up in Paris.

The series was dramatised by Lennox Phillips from the classic WWI novels The Spanish Farm, Sixty-Four, Ninety-Four! and The Crime at Vanderlynden’s by R H Mottram, and directed by Gerald Blake.

The episodes were repeated on BBC2 in July and August 1969.

Madeleine Vanderlynden
Caroline Mortimer
Captain Dormer
Bernard Hepton
Lt. Skene
Cavan Kendall
Georges D’Archeville
Carl Rigg
Baron D’Archeville
Cyril Luckham
Lt. Earnshaw
Chris Tranchell
Jack Woolgar
Elspeth MacNaughton
Eileen Way
George Betton
Dr Hequet
Brian Cant
Cecile Blanquart
Brigit Forsyth
Colonel Birchin
Maurice Hedley
Captain Thomas
Martyn Huntley
Lt. Mansfield
John Leeson
Captain Dakers
Charles Morgan


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