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Splendid Spur, The

1 9 6 0 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived BBC series was a Roundhead versus Cavalier serial for children, adapted from Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch’s tale.

It is 1642 and Charles l (Elton Hayes) has dissolved parliament and fled London, moving his court to Oxford as England is thrown into civil war.

Captain Luke Settle (Patrick Troughton) is hired to kill the Killigrew family by their bailiff Hannibal Tingcomb (Nigel Arkwright) so he can take their property.

A friend of the family, Jack Marvel (Kenneth Farrington) helps Delia Killigrew (Victoria Watts) and her father (Keith Pyott) to escape.

The series aired on Sunday afternoons at 5.00 pm.


The King’s Messenger | The Road to the West | Bristol Keep | The Godsend | Joan of the Tor | The End of the Gleys

Jack Marvel
Kenneth Farrington
Captain Luke Settle
Patrick Troughton
Delia Killigrew
Victoria Watts
Hannibal Tingcomb
Nigel Arkwright
Black Dick
Michael Balfour
Joseph Greig
Old Mortification
Reginald Barratt
Bill Widdicomb
Peter Diamond
Captain Bill Pottery
Colin Douglas
King Charles I
Elton Hayes
General Sir Ralph Hopton
Reginald Hearne
Corporal Barebones
Christopher Hodge
Captain Stubbs
Trevor Martin
Joan of the Tor
Felicity Young
Ian Ainsley
Joan’s father
Frank Atkinson
Sir Basil Grenville
Roger Delgado
Colonel Essex
Glyn Houston
Dr Kettell
Tim Hudson
Mistress Finch
Katherine Parr
Brenda Peters
Ailsie Pascoe
Edna Petrie
Sir Deakin Killigrew
Keith Pyott
Bob Drury
Ivor Salter
Anthony Killigrew
Derek Smee
Terence Soall
Nathaniel Fiennes
John Woodnutt