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Stagecoach West

1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 1 (USA)
38 x 60 minute episodes

Luke Perry (Wayne Rogers) and Simon Kane (Robert Bray) ran a stagecoach line in the Old West, driving passengers back and forth from Missouri to California, in the days before the expanding railroad system made their jobs obsolete.

The passengers they carried, the people they met, and the things that happened to them en route provided the stories told in this series as they encountered the usual assortment of killers, robbers and ladies in distress.

They were accompanied by Simon’s young son Davey (Richard Eyer).

Simon Kane 
Robert Bray 
Luke Perry 

Wayne Rogers
Davey Kane

Richard Eyer
Zeke Bonner 
James Burke
Dan Murchison 

John Litel

Olan Soule