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Story Parade

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (UK)
24 x 75 minute episodes

Story Parade was the first series of stand-alone drama productions on BBC2. The series began on 24 April 1964 and dramatised a different novel each Friday night (the programme moved to Thursday nights in the 1965 series), beginning with Max Frisch’s Condemned to Acquittal.

Guest stars throughout the 24 episodes included Michael Hordern, Sheila Allen, Cyril Shaps, Kenneth Haigh, Dandy Nichols, Diana Coupland, Doris Hare, Trevor Bannister, Charles Lloyd Pack, Peter Cushing, Wanda Ventham, Yootha Joyce, Michael Robbins, Ed Devereaux, Alan Lake, Annette Andre, Bernard Kay, John Noakes, Victor Maddern, John Le Mesurier, Annette Crosbie, Erik Chitty, Henry McGee and Gretchen Franklin.


Condemned to Acquittal | The Elephant You Gave Me | A Kiss Before Dying | Mr Byculla | Not for Every Eye | The Man Who Won the Pools | The Caves of Steel | Brake Pedal Down | Shadow of Guilt | A Triple Irish (The Cheap Jack/One True Friend/Unholy Living and Half Dying) | A Travelling Woman | The Harp in the South | The Little White God | A Dragon to Kill | The Bender | The Flaw in the Crystal | Bargains at Special Prices | The Unknown Citizen || The Bachelors | The Unbearable Bassington | The Make-Believe Man | The World That Summer | The Old Boys | The Campaign