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Strange Concealments

1 9 6 2 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

When wealthy stage manager Edmund Blundell died in 1811 he set up a cryptic treasure hunt in the hope that his feuding sons would make up their differences in order to seek their inheritance.

The sons never did resolve their differences and the treasure has lain unclaimed for a century and a half.

Now it is 1962 and Kate (Barbara Clegg) and Boyd George (Robin Walker), two of Blundell’s descendants, arrive in England from America armed with the first clue.

It was hoped that the viewers at home would try to solve the mystery for themselves ahead of the George family. The riddle was based on a quote from Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Act Two, Scene One:

Sweet are the uses of adversity
Which like the toad, ugly and venomous
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head
And this our life, exempt from public haunt
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks
Sermons in stones and good in everything

Kate George
Barbara Clegg
Boyd George
Robin Walker
David Stimpson
Frederick Jaeger
John Harmer
Victor Platt
Ambrose Lemmon
Henry Lincoln
Victoria Lemmon
Clare Asher


The Clue in the Lockets | A Precious Jewel | Tongues in Trees | Books in the Running Brooks | Sermons in Stones | The Uses of Adversity | And Good in Everything