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1 9 6 0 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

The adventures of a gunfighter in the Old West who had lost the use of an arm at Vicksburg during the Civil War.

Dusty, world-weary and bedraggled, Tate often wore a poncho to conceal his handicap, a useless left arm that he kept holstered in a mean-looking, elbow-length leather glove.

Tate was simply a hired killer, something about which he had no illusions and made no apologies.

The series ran as a replacement series in the summer of 1960 for the second half-hour of The Perry Como Show (the first half-hour was replaced by a situation comedy called Happy).

Many future stars appeared in small guest roles, including Louise Fletcher, Martin Landau, Robert Culp, Leonard Nimoy (pictured below as a Comanche), James Coburn, and Robert Redford.

David McLean
Anne Whitfield