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Three Live Wires

1 9 6 1 (UK)
26 x 30 minute episodes

A comedy about a London TV sales and repair shop starring Michael Medwin (from The Army Game) as Mike, the repair foreman. Mike was a staunch Cockney, speaking much of his time in rhyming slang.

His two fellow ‘live-wires’ were fellow Cockney George (George Roderick) and northerner Malcolm (Bernard Fox), who shared a workbench with him in the repair room. There was a fourth engineer, the clumsy clot Higgenbottom (Derek Benfield).

Deryck Guyler was cast as the shop manager, despairing of his work-shy employees with an air of bumbling pomposity that got right up their tubes.

Guest stars were introduced as the team visited various houses around London “repairing” the televisions of the famous.

Among those who appeared were Arthur Lowe, Dickie Henderson, Dudley Moore (with his jazz trio), Peter Vaughan and Freddie Mills. Young comic Ronnie Corbett was among the supporting cast on three occasions.

Michael Medwin

Bernard Fox
George Smithers

George Roderick
The Manager

Deryck Guyler

Derek Benfield


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