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Tingaree Affair, The

1 9 6 9 (UK)
7 x 25 minute episodes

Martin (David Ballantyne) is the son of the country of Tingaree’s high commissioner in London (Peter Arne).

Strange events have led him to believe that his country might be threatened and he sets out to thwart these threats with the help of Sandy (Vivienne Cohen) the daughter of the commissioner’s chauffeur.

The duo needs all their inventiveness as they match wits with the sinister Torres (Leon Lissek) and the murderously clever, gay mercenary spy Drew (Valentine Palmer).

The Tingaree Affair is packed with mystery and action as the two young people fight to ensure that the British state of Tingaree gains her independence but does not fall under the dictatorship of neighbouring Caris.

Eager to exploit Tingaree’s valuable mineral resources, Caris plans to wreck the independence talks in London.

A Thames Television production.

High Commissioner Ferrera
Peter Arne
Martin Ferrera
David Ballantyne
Vivienne Cohen
Mrs Ferrera
Rita Davies
Leon Lissek
Eddy Taylor
Frank Mills
Valentine Palmer
Major Schofield
Clive Cazes


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