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1 9 6 7 (UK)
11 x 60 minute episodes

A drama anthology series from ATV featuring stories of people who find themselves trapped in a situation (hence the title).

Episodes included Journey Into Nowhere in which Cliff (Hayward Morse), a young crew member on his first cruise ship, finds there is more to his job than he first realised as he is romantically pursued by both a lady passenger and also an older male crew member, and finds there is nowhere to hide; Goodnight Mrs Dill in which the unattached Dr Matilda Dove (Petra Davies) realises she is just as trapped in her cycle of affairs with married men as the Dills, who were forced into their feckless marriage because of pregnancy; and Au Pair – Swedish Style starring Edward Woodward as economist Mark Frazier who is about to publish a survey which will cause a scandal on the stock market and so finds himself set up for blackmail in order to suppress the survey.

Featured actors in the series included Geoffrey Palmer, Tom Baker, Felicity Kendal, Milton Johns, Paul Eddington, Pauline Collins, James Beck, Joss Ackland, Donald Houston and Ray Brooks.


Journey Into Nowhere | Goodnight Mrs Dill | Victor Victor | Playmates | Au Pair – Swedish Style | Quest | Chicane | You’re a Brave Man, Jack | Death Died on Wednesday | A Life for a Life | Knock and Wait