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Tycoon, The

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (USA)
32 x 30 minute episodes

The chairman of the board of the huge California conglomerate called The Thunder Corporation was Walter Andrews (Walter Brennan), a cantankerous and eccentric millionaire.

Walter did things his way, and despite the complaints and misgivings of his co-workers and business associates, his approach to problems usually worked.

Not one to let protocol affect his operation, Walter was a constant problem for everyone from his young assistant and private pilot Pat Burns (Van Williams) to his personal secretary Betty Franklin (Janet Lake) and company president Herbert Wilson (Jerome Cowan).

A widower, Walter made his home with his cute little granddaughter Martha (Pat McNulty) and housekeeper Una Fields (Monty Margetts).

This black-and-white sitcom from ABC aired on Tuesday nights but lasted just one season. Sponsors included the American Tobacco Company, Prell Shampoo, and Gleem Toothpaste.

Walter Andrews
Walter Brennan
Pat Burns
Van Williams
Herbert Wilson
Jerome Cowan
Betty Franklin
Janet Lake
Martha Keane
Pat McNulty
Una Fields
Monty Margetts