Home Television Drama Undermind


1 9 6 5 (UK)
11 x 60 minute episodes

A strange, cerebral science fantasy series that featured the efforts of Drew Heriot (Jeremy Wilkin) and his former sister-in-law Anne (Rosemary Nicols) in their (ultimately successful) mission to expose and destroy an attempt by aliens – the Underminds – via an Earth-based ‘Sixth Column’ to subvert the structure of society and government by brainwashing its leaders via the use of high-pitched radio signals.

Created by Robert Banks Stewart (who later devised Bergerac and Shoestring) and produced by Michael Chapman, the series also featured appearances by stars such as George Baker.

Drew Heriot
Jeremy Wilkin
Anne Heriot

Rosemary Nicols
Professor Val Randolph

Denis Quilley
Detective Sergeant Frank Heriot
Jeremy Kemp


Instance One | Flowers of Havoc | The New Dimension | Death in England | Too Many Enemies | Intent to Destroy | Song of Death | Puppets of Evil | Test for the Future | Waves of Sound | End Signal