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Virgin Of The Secret Service

1 9 6 8 (UK)
13 x 60 minute episodes

This comic-book style hero swash-buckled his way across early India in this mystery-shrouded series from ATV which originally aired between March and June in 1968.

Set in the early 1900s, when the British Secret Service was a new, unofficial arm of military activity, the series starred Clinton Greyn as the patriotic but wonderfully camp Dragoons Captain Robert Virgin – an officer and a gentleman who fought as a man of honour.


His assistant Virginia Cortez (Veronica Strong) was one of the era’s few female spies; an attractive, emancipated young woman and esteemed photographer with contacts in the highest places. Diplomats, statesmen and royalty visited her studio – and often uttered useful indiscretions during their sittings.

Colonel Shaw-Camberley (Noel Coleman) headed the Secret Service while amateur escapologist Fred Doublett (John Cater) was Virgin’s redoubtable batman – an expert at picking locks and a man who enjoyed a bet or two.

Virgin’s principal adversary was German master spy Karl von Brauner (Alexander Dore) – a cruel, ruthless, indefatigable and wily freelance agent willing to work for any side – but the good Captain was happy fighting all manner of enemies of the British Empire.

Armed only with intelligence, ingenuity, physical strength and abundant charm, Virgin faced every sort of peril as he defended King and Country – from industrial espionage to anarchist bomb plots, assassination attempts to kidnapping.

Only one thing was guaranteed – he would encounter danger wherever he went, be it travelling by balloon to the North-West Frontier in a bid to outwit an old adversary and save India and the Empire, or crossing the burning sands of Arabia to meet a cruel usurper face to face.

Captain Robert Virgin 
Clinton Greyn
Mrs Virginia Cortez 

Veronica Strong

John Cater
Karl von Brauner 

Alexander Doré
Klaus Striebeck
Peter Swannick
Col. Shaw-Camberley 

Noel Coleman
Princess Katerina 

Patience Collier