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Wendy And Me

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (USA)
34 x 30 minute episodes

The Sunset de Ville is an apartment complex at 4820 Highland in Los Angeles that is owned by George Burns, a former vaudeville, movie, radio and television star turned landlord.

George lives in Apartment 104 and is the only one who is aware of the viewing audience. He speaks directly to them, relates monologues and sings whenever the occasion allows (much as he did on The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show).


George practices singing five or six hours a day. He was originally just a tenant in the complex and had to buy the building in order to sing: “I have it in the tenants’ leases that they cannot evict the landlord”.

George’s favourite tenants are Wendy (Connie Stevens) and Jeff (Ron Harper) Conway, a married couple who live in Apartment 217. Wendy was an airline stewardess and Jeff was a pilot for TGA (Trans Globe Airlines). Wendy was assigned to his flight and spent 20 minutes trying to fasten his seat belt before he could explain he was the pilot.

“Having Wendy help you”, George says, “is like being lost in the desert for four days and then having someone give you a glass of sand”.

Wendy and Jeff have been married for one year when the series begins. Wendy is blonde, beautiful and totally scatterbrained.

She celebrates everything (such as the day she met Jeff, the day she first put sugar in Jeff ’s coffee, and March 23, “the day nothing happened”).

Living across the hall from the Conways in Apartment 219 is Danny Adams (James T. Callahan), Jeff ’s co-pilot.

Danny is a ladies’ man and can’t go 24 hours without a woman.

He has a little black book and a red one called ‘The Red Star Edition’.

Mr Bundy (J. Pat O’Malley) is George’s janitor who lives in the basement; Bob Hunter (playing himself) is George’s piano player.

George Burns
Wendy Conway 

Connie Stevens
Jeff Conway 

Ron Harper 
Danny Adams 

James T. Callahan
Mr Bundy

J. Pat O’Malley
Bob Hunter
Robyn Grace
Erin O’Donnell
Mr Norton
Bartlett Robinson
Mrs Norton
Jane Moran
Aunt Harriet
Sheila Bromley