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White Rabbit, The

1 9 6 7 (UK)
4 x 50 minute episodes

The true story of Wing Commander Forest Frederick Edward “Tommy” Yeo-Thomas (Kenneth More) and his personal WWII story.

“Tommy” – codenamed ‘The White Rabbit’ – is an Anglo-Welshman who volunteers for two dangerous undercover missions in Nazi-occupied Paris to liaise with the French Resistance.

On a third journey, he is betrayed and handed over to the Gestapo for interrogation. The story then relates the long and hideous suffering he endures at Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Wing Cmdr. Forest Frederick Edward “Tommy” Yeo-Thomas
Kenneth More
Denise Buckley
Frank Duncan
Christopher Benjamin
Stephen Bradley
Col. Robinson
Robert Bruce
David Collings
José Dupuis
Annette Crosbie
Pierre Brossolette
George Hagan
Rudi (Gestapo interrogator)
Alan MacNaughtan
Col. Brierley
Roy Purcell