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Based on the famous children’s books by Richmal Crompton, this 25 minute series famously starred Dennis Waterman (of The Sweeney and Minder fame) in the title role.

His gang (who called themselves The Outlaws) consisted of Douglas (Carlo Cura), Henry (Kaplan Kaye) and Ginger (Christopher Witty) with Gillian Gosling as the awful Violet Elizabeth Bott, whose catchphrase was “I’ll Scweam and Scweam and Scweam until I Make Myself sick “.

The series has been remade twice as Just William – Once in 1976 (by London Weekend Television) and again in 1994 – 1995 by BBC1.

Dennis Waterman

Carlo Cura

Kaplan Kaye

Christopher Witty
Violet Elizabeth Bott

Gillian Gosling