Home Television Drama Wojeck


1 9 6 6 – 1 9 6 8 (Canada)
18 x 60 minute episodes

This hour length landmark drama from the Candian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) focused on the work of crusading big-city coroner Dr Steve Wojeck (John Vernon) and his life at home with his wife, Marty (Patricia Collins).

Wojeck spent nearly every episode fighting the injustices of the right-wing police force in Toronto and the entrenched value systems of the justice system.

Ted Follows appeared as Arnie Bateman of the crown attorney’s office with Carl Banas as Byron James, a detective sergeant attached to the coroner’s office. The two Wojeck children were played by James Weyman and Tannis G. Montgomery.

Shot almost entirely on location in Toronto, the series enjoyed a big budget and received almost instant critical and viewer acclaim.

After the second season, John Vernon made the move to Hollywood and Wojeck was no more.

Dr Steve Wojeck
John Vernon
Marty Wojeck
Patricia Collins
Arnie Bateman – Crown Attorney
Ted Follows
Sgt. Byron James
Carl Banas
Stevey Wojeck
James Weyman
Judy Wojeck
Tannis G. Montgomery