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Yes, Yes Nanette (Westinghouse Playhouse)

1 9 6 1 (USA)
26 x 30 minute episodes

Former Broadway star Nan (Nanette Fabray) marries widowed Hollywood writer Dan McGovern (Wendell Corey) and inherits his rude and indifferent children Nancy (Jacklyn O’Donnell) and Buddy (Bobby Diamond) and housekeeper Mrs Harper (Doris Kemper).

Episodes related events in their day-to-day lives and Nan’s trials and tribulations in dealing with the kids and housekeeper.

Stories were based on real-life incidents drawn from the lives of Nanette Fabray and her husband, writer Ranald MacDougall (who had three children from a former marriage).

Also known as The Nanette Fabray Show and Westinghouse Playhouse
(the series was sponsored by Westinghouse Appliances).

Nan McGovern
Nanette Fabray
Dan McGovern
Wendell Corey
Bobby Diamond
Jacklyn O’Donnell
Mrs Harper
Doris Kemper