Home Television Drama Yorky


1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 1 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This 13-part BBC series starred Wilfred Pickles in the title role as a country schoolmaster in a variation of the formula that seems endlessly satisfactory for British viewers: family life, the village, the street, and the neighbours and the situations in that little world which are dramatic or tragic or, more often, turn out happy or humourous.

Some viewers may have found the going rather gentle in the world of Yorky, but the easy tempo was quite pleasant even if the stories were a bit too neat for real life. But all turned out well in the end.

The headmaster’s wife ran the village shop, which was very Beatrix Potter, and a good deal of time was spent in the local pub, which seemed the ideal rendezvous spot for solving troubles.

The series was written by Bill Naughton and Allan Prior.

Wilfred Pickles
Edna Morris
Miss Horseman
Margaret Diamond
Miss Sedgebeer
Nan Braunton
Arnold Ridley
Jill Tracey (1)
Joanna Craig (2)