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ABC Comedy Hour, The

1 9 7 2 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

The ABC Comedy Hour screened between 12 January 1972 and 5 April 1972 and starred top impressionists of the day – Frank Gorshin, Rich Little, George Kirby, Joe Baker, Marilyn Michaels and Charlie Callas. Newcomer Fred Travalena replaced Charlie Callas in the company in mid-series.

Collectively the group of impressionists were called The Kopykats.

A celebrity guest (such as Tony Curtis, Ed Sullivan, Raymond Burr, Robert Young and Debbie Reynolds) would join The Kopykats to recreate songs and scenes from famous films.

Also included were a number of other comedy specials which featured two Friars’ Roasts and an updated version of Hellzapoppin’ with Jack Cassidy and Ronnie Schell.

The series re-aired during the summer of 1972 under the name The ABC Comedy Hour Presents The Kopykats.

Rich Little
Frank Gorshin
Charlie Callas
George Kirby
Marilyn Michaels
Fred Travalena