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Adam Smith

1 9 7 2 (UK)
39 x 30 minute episodes

A religious drama series from Granada in which middle-aged Church of Scotland minister Andrew Smith (Andrew Keir) – whose parish is in the small (fictional) country town of Lammerton (actually filmed in Gifford, 19 miles east of Edinburgh) – questions the purpose of his local ministry following his wife’s death of incurable and painful cancer.

Storylines ranged from problems of broken marriages, adultery and bad housing to the morality of suffering, pain and the finality of death. Some of the writers came from Granada’s A Family at War.

The series aired on Sunday evenings in the so-called “closed period” traditionally reserved for religious programming.

Janet Munro died of Ischaemic heart disease during the making of this series. She was just 38.

Adam Smith
Andrew Keir
Annie Smith
Brigit Forsyth
Helen Smith
Kara Wilson
Alasdair McCaig
Freddie Earlle
Bill Conn
Bill Gavin
Dr Andrew Calvi
Tom Conti
Alex Houston
Phil McCall
Peggy Houston
Amanda Walker
Margaret Carus
Maggie Jordan
John Ross
Willie Joss
James Copeland
Alexander Carus
John Young
Ben Davies
Michael Elphick
Matthew Smith
Moultrie Kelsall
Elizabeth Crichton
Janet Munro
Reverend Dr Rennie
David Steuart
Jamie Laidlaw
Ron Bain
David Crichton
David Langton